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Animation, for me, is the truest art form because the fantasies I have in my head really would be very difficult to do in live action.
Bill Plympton

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The latest addition to my Vimeo channel:
A Tax on Bunny Rabbits.




2,380kg of plasticine were used in the making of the film "Chicken Run" in 2000.

Richard Williams


One Huge Eye was cre­ated in the year 2000 by Alex Ame­lines London based animator, founder and director at Studio Tinto.

It has gone through a lot of for­mats but it has always focus­ed on inspiring char­ac­ter animation. This is the latest iteration.

I decided to abandon the blog/magazine format because I have little time to write these days. However I always make time to watch, so you will always find something new here. If you want to get in touch: Enjoy!


Storyboard Template

WhatSize? An After Effects script to find out the size of any element on stage. Usage.

OHE Cartoon Font A font I designed years ago for an early version of onehugeeye.