Boogie, El Aceitoso

It may not mean much to you if you’re not from south Amer­ica, but Boo­gie, el aceitoso (the oily) is a comic book leg­end cre­ated by the tal­ented Argen­tin­ian car­toon­ist Roberto Fonta­nar­rosa. Boo­gie is mak­ing it to the big screen by the hands of pro­duc­tion com­pany Illu­sion Stu­dios. In my hum­ble opin­ion the ani­ma­tion is not flaw­less but it’s good enough qual­ity so you can enjoy it’s dark and painted over many times black humour.

Boo­gie is a cold-blooded and ruth­less hit-man. Always on the run, Boo­gie fol­lows his own rules. A vio­lent, chau­vin­ist and sadis­tic char­ac­ter star­ring in a film that fea­tures a story line, music and images tar­geted to teen and adult audi­ences. Women, alco­hol, bul­lets, it has it all. Boo­gie, com­bines black humor, incred­i­ble 2-D back­grounds and 3-D graph­ics with a sharp screen­play. Boo­gie, is a film that pro­vides a lethal dose of irony and such extreme vio­lence that it becomes impos­si­ble not to laugh.