Broken Antler: Twenty10

My new reel for twenty 10.

I always strug­gle to make reels. I start off think­ing that they’re going to be a load of fun and then slowly the real­i­sa­tion dawns on me that I’m my own worse client. To start with I’ve seen the work an unprece­dented amount of time and although I’m pleased with every­thing I’ve included, I also know where the prob­lems are — almost by time­code. I know what I’m capa­ble of. I know what I’d like to be capa­ble of and I never give myself enough time.

I had a sud­den rush to cre­ate this reel after a friend and col­league sent a link to my web-site and a promise of a new reel to a Warner Records executive.

Years gone past I would cre­ate a mon­tage of the pret­ti­est bits of my work to my favourite track of the month, but last year i made the deci­sion that I would reveal more of the work than try to hide behind a pol­ished promo of bits. I think when putting a showreel together it’s easy to view other people’s and feel ner­vous that you have not got enough good stuff to include.