About a year ago I started work on a project called Too­tles. After all this time I am only half way and I am hop­ing to have it fin­ished this year, although that’s hard to ensure, mainly because I do this around my com­mer­cial work and, like for most peo­ple, bills keep get­ting in the way. How­ever, I am happy to release a lit­tle teaser for the world to enjoy. The lovely music was cre­ated by tal­ented musi­cian Tim Burns.

I recently had the oppor­tu­nity to show my work in progress to Pixar vet­eran Jeff Pratt, who’s now an ani­ma­tion tutor at Escape Stu­dios in Lon­don. This is what he had to say about Tootles:

Hav­ing a look at the Too­tles teaser I think it’s bril­liant. I really like the look and style of hard plas­tic 3D ani­ma­tion char­ac­ters with kind of a stop motion facial ani­ma­tion sen­si­bil­ity. I really like the fact that the char­ac­ters don’t deform or bend except at a few joints and that the eyes and mouth pop from one pose to another. It very much reminds me of what John Las­seter used to say about Toy Story. That the toys had to stay true to their forms and couldn’t bend or deform except at their joints. The hard plas­tic parts had to remain hard and rigid and once estab­lished this rule couldn’t be broken.

This sets up a very believ­able world for the audi­ence, which once accepted allows them to enjoy the sto­ries pre­sented to their fullest. And I think that the use of very graphic style of eyes and mouth makes for eas­ily read and very expres­sive char­ac­ters. As long as the sto­ries match the thought and strength of the char­ac­ter design and ani­ma­tion I think it will be a huge success.”

I would like to thank Jeff for the encour­ag­ing words and I hope you like it too!