Disney gets started with ‘Fish Hooks’

Fish Hooks © Disney Channel

Dis­ney Chan­nel has had the go-ahead for their first ani­mated series in 3 years: “Fish Hooks” (work­ing title).

The story revolves around the party guy Milo (Kyle Massey), his neu­rotic brother Oscar (Justin Roi­land) and an overly dra­matic gold­fish, Bea (Chelsea Staub). They go to Fresh­wa­ter High, a school at the bot­tom in a giant fish tank in a local pet store. The series fol­lows their daily lives as they deal with friend­ships, dat­ing and sports as well as such atyp­i­cal teen issues like giant lob­ster attacks and school field trips to the ham­ster cages.

The series was cre­ated by children’s book illus­tra­tor Noah Z. Jones, devel­oped for tele­vi­sion by Alex Hirsch (”The Mar­velous Mis­ad­ven­tures of Flap­jack”) and Bill Reiss (”Chow­der”), executive-produced by Adam Bur­ton (”The Grim Adven­tures of Billy & Mandy”) and directed by Carl Green­blatt and Bill Reiss.